Taking Our Next Step!

Why THIS Step?

We've seen God grow us beyond our current capacity, but we know we still have a lot of work to do!  This step will allow us to expand the scope of our ministry, and leave a legacy of making the Gospel Relevant to the next generation.

What Is It, Exactly?

Buying just over 20 strategically positioned acres for the future of the gospel in our community.

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The Latest Updates:

Saturday, January 27, 8:05am
This whole thing feels like it is coming in for a landing.
We met with the Gilmer Water and Sewer people again today. They have flagged water and force main sewer across the front of our property.  We also looked at closest manholes, where we would tie in.

While out walking around on the property, I located existing storm drainage inlets and manholes. They all drain to the retention pond. We have a great drainage infrastructure already in place!  I am increasingly convinced that we are getting this property for the cost of the sitework!!!

Lastly, the survey was done yesterday. We expect to get the final drawing on that sometime possibly late next week!

Friday, January 19, 4:30pm
We are meeting with the Gilmer Water and Sewer Authority again on Tuesday to determine (and get documentation) of how we can/will tie into existing water and sewer.  

Survey to be done next Friday!

Friday, January 5, 10:45pm
Things have NOT REALLY been moving over the holidays.  We are trying to get a survey done as soon as we can.  The original survey was done by a company no longer doing business, so we're rallying to get that done.

I met with Mack Wood of East Ellijay, who is in charge of zoning and codes. Everything is looking positive in working with them.

Wednesday, December 20, 11:02PM
The signed papers finally came in late this afternoon... We are under contract! 

Tuesday, December 19 9:34PM
Just got the call that our offer has been accepted!  We should get the papers tomorrow! Praise the Lord!

Monday, December 18 5:00PM
After speaking with both Danny Hall, business manager and Audrey Cann, realtor, there is still no new update from the owners in China. Probably tomorrow.?  Keep praying!

Sunday, December 17
Made presentation to entire church in three Sunday morning services.  Response was very positive.



Will we be financing this purchase?

Our goal is to raise as much of the $400,000 as possible immediately. We have to close by the middle of February, so we will have to finance whatever we can't raise right now.

When will we build?

That phase of our planning will come later. We believe that this property is, in fact, our new home, but we will pay off everything else first.

Can we sell our current property?

Sure! But we won't be ready for that till we have a new place.  That will come later.

Is this a "done deal?"

We sure would like for it to be.  Check back here for updates.